How to buy $SNOGE

1. Download Metamask

Go to, install it in your browser and setup your Ethereum Wallet. Transfer some funds.


2. Connect your wallet to Exchange

Choose the exchange and click on "Connect to a wallet" (Top right) to buy on selected Exchange with your newly created Wallet.

3. Add $Snoge Token

Add the $SNOGE Token using this contract address



If you get an alert message, just check the address number, if that is correct you are fine.

4. Swap $ETH for $SNOGE

Now just input how many $ETH worth of $SNOGE you want to get. Remember that you need to leave some funds in your wallet for what is called "GAS". "GAS" is basically the fuel of the transaction!

If you get an error, click the gear icon and increase "Slippage tolerance" to something between 2% and 5%.


Give it some time for the transaction to be confirmed and enjoying being a $SNOGE owner with all the benefits.