How to buy SNOGE and how does it work?

1. Buy on exchange of your choosing Uniswap or Zerion (more exchanges to be announced in the future). 

2. Hold SNOGE and get rewarded! 1% of every transaction is re-distributed to all existing SNOGE HODLer’s instantly and automatically with no fees incurred while at the same time; 1% of every transaction is burned thus reducing the circulating supply and making SNOGE more scarce.


How and why did SNOGE begin?

SNOGE was initially launched as a meme coin with aspirations to cooperate with the cannabis industry. However due to unforeseen consequences the founding team was not able to continue their work and this project transitioned into a community driven one. 13 core members are currently working on SNOGE 2.0 but the direction of SNOGE will be decided by the whole SNOGE community. While our core 13 core members have very ambitious and exciting plans for the future, every quarter a community vote will be held to decide on any future developments. 


Do you have any Marketing push/department?

Yes! Some of our core members form the marketing team and are seasoned professionals from different fields and all walks of life, but as a community driven project, all SNOGE HODLer’s are welcome to join us! All works are carried out on a voluntary basis for a good cause. We are also in talks with exchanges, shelters and memes and charity-minded influencers to bring visibility to the project. If you have any ideas to share with us please do not hesitate to contact us directly on one of our social media accounts.


What is SNOGE?

SNOGE is a community driven and global community looking to have fun with memes and help doggos that need it the most. Our mission is to bring the world a new use case in the world of Cryptocurrencies and DeFi and are just getting started.


How does SNOGE give back?

SNOGE’s philosophy consists of three main pillars:

1. Community

“All for one and one for all”. Our community will always have a say and contribute to our roadmap and have a true and genuine impact on SNOGE’s future.

2. Transparency

We will use a multi-signature Ethereum wallet for peace of mind. As we are a community focused project, we will be listening to constant feedback and receive input from everyone involved. This is and always will be a Community driven project and everyone is welcome to add to our cause. Just contact one of the Admins with your skills and talents and we will be happy to welcome you and your ideas as one of our own.

3. Upgradability/Scope

We aim to add new features and utility to the token in the future. We want to see a true SNOGE future where there is an awesome community-based ecosystem in place where weed enthusiasts, animals and meme lovers from all around the globe can come together with like-minded individuals and interact with each other in all kinds of new and exciting ways! An example could be to have a good, trustless and almost fully automated donation system in place, where people who would be staking their SNOGE can vote on what causes and future direction of the project we as a community will support.


What are the Tokenomics?

The Original supply is 42,000,069 and the majority part of that is either burned (61.75%)  or locked in the liquidity pool on UniSwap (5.71% bringing it to a total of 67.46% from total supply as of May 9, 2021). With every transaction that takes place with SNOGE a 2% tax is applied to discourage price manipulation and encourage HODLing. 1% of that transaction tax is burned while the other 1% is redistributed to all HODLer’s without incurring any gas fees. The more you hold the more you earn.

Meaning that with every transaction, the scarcity of SNOGE increases as the total circulating supply decreases while simultaneously rewarding everyone HODLing SNOGE.